Legal Videos

The impact of Legal Deposition Video is unmistakable. Video depositions are far more likely to keep a jury’s attention than a traditional stenographer’s transcript.

Video depositions provide many benefits, including:

  • A legal record to verify a stenographer’s transcript and ensure accuracy.
  • Deposing important witnesses who will not be available for trial.
  • A valuable tool for reference when considering whether to use particular witnesses at trial, and when preparing for the examination of those witnesses.
  • Deposition video can provide better insight into deposition testimony for expert consultants and legal staff reviewing it, as they prepare to go to trial.
  • A legal videographer can have a calming effect. People are on better behavior when a videographer is recording the deposition, and this can mean a more productive and efficient process.
  • A common use of deposition video in court is to impeach a witness if they change their testimony at trial. Seeing them make a different statement on video than what was said in court has much more impact than merely reading back the transcript.

At SF Quality Video we understand how important, and sensitive, the deposition video material is. We maintain strict confidence with our clients. Our Video Deposition Services are consistent.

We provide high production value, as demonstrated in the video below. We provide microphones to each lawyer and deponent as well as a standardized backdrop. All videos are shot on digital videotape and are backed up to DVD to ensure peace of mind. We at SF Quality Video fully comply with strict legal-video industry standards like those outline by the American Bar Association.

We created this video to demonstrate the look and feel of an actual deposition.

SF Quality Video offers below market rates on all of our deposition videos and services. Our pricing is very straight-forward.

Our Basic Deposition Plan is:
$75 per hour (3 hour minimum)
Comes with 1 set of DVDs
Duplicates ($5 per DVD)

Clock starts upon scheduled arrival for setup and ends upon exiting the building.

Expenses include:
Gas by mileage and tolls where applicable. (We are based in San Francisco)
Mini DV master tapes at $10 per tape. (Optional)

We can provide:

  • Microphones for all speakers
  • Visual backdrop for professional look – an important industry standard
  • Backup recording to DV Tape and DVD
  • Live audio mixing for optimal sound quality
  • Teleprompter and Transcription services upon request
  • Multiple Cameras and Operators upon request

Please feel free to contact us with questions or to schedule a deposition today.
Roger Hill – Director, Editor, Videographer
Bryan Irwin – Director, Videographer, Editor

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